Donor Spotlight

Shab Caley

Shab CaleyShab Caley (right) and family.

Shab Caley is the Director of Patient Experience Reporting and Analytics in the Care Management System Office. She has been with Dignity Health for 18 years.

What areas do you philanthropically support and why?

I support the Area of Greatest Need. I wanted to leave this open so that my contributions would make a difference to those who need it most at the local markets.

What motivated you to start giving?

I’ve always wanted to give back and I’m very fortunate to be able to provide a small contribution to those who need it. I feel that I’m blessed to have two healthy children and I’d like for them to also understand the importance of giving back.

Why do you think it’s important to be engaged through philanthropy as a Dignity Health employee?

I feel that we’re all very fortunate to work for an organization that not only believes in, but fully supports the notion of healing and charity. Our mission, vision and values resonate with me so much so that I’d like to do my share in sustaining them.

What’s your fondest memory of working at Dignity Health?

My fondest memory is working with the Sepsis team, where, through education and rolling out the early goal directed therapy protocols, we were able to save over 1,000 lives in one year through early detection and intervention.

What’s one fun fact others might not know about you?

I plan on moving to Italy when I retire!