Donor Spotlight

June Faison

Image of June FaisonJune Faison serves as mission education program manager formerly with patient safety.  She has been with Dignity Health for 10 years. Learn what motivates June to give to Dignity Health Philanthropy.

What area do you support and why? 

Currently, supporting Mission Education and teaching our leaders the importance of learning our heritage, ethics and values; Catholic social teaching and spirituality at work. The classes are divided into four modules and we are currently offering the class to the system offices. The prerequisite is if you have someone reporting to you! That’s it… our target is leaders.

The classes are a rewarding experience! To see our leaders leave the class and express excitement is truly rewarding. Do you know how many reflections are in the Statement of Common Values? We just completed the Phoenix office and in mid-October we will be finishing classes in Pasadena. We will begin Sacramento classes in November. (If you are interested contact me.)

What motivated you to start giving?

Formerly, I worked in Patient Safety, closely with Suzanne Wiesner, Perinatal Director, Dr. Janet Fulton, Patient Experience Manager and Catherine Klein, Perinatal Manager. When Suzanne gave an update in our department meetings on what she was doing I thought it was amazing work! I wanted to help and that is what motivated me to start giving. I learned a lot and we worked closely together on special projects, including oxytocin, hyperbilirubinemia, and pre-eclampsia. I am elated that Dignity Health has such a focus on Healthy Babies

The lower income statistics show that only 37% of lower income pregnant mothers receive adequate pre natal care. That is alarming! Paul Richardson, literally sat down next to me and explained to me how I could help. He took the time for me to understand the process and he made it very simple.

Why is it important to be engaged through philanthropy?

Being engaged through philanthropy gives me an even stronger connection to Dignity Health. It also ties back to my current position teaching Mission Education. It ties back to our values which often come up in our Ethics and Values class discussions. We have discussed this in class when we are having open discussions about values passed down from our parents. How we felt good about dropping coins in the Salvation Army buckets; or filling up the March of Dimes card with dimes. What a great feeling of inner peace and purpose in life.

What’s your fondest memory of working at Dignity Health?

My absolute fondest memory working at Dignity Health is when one of my colleagues figured out one of the most sophisticated Excel formulas I have ever seen! This formula calculated whether you were’ red’ on an excel spreadsheet based on a very complex algorithm. When the spreadsheet was distributed several recipients mentioned how it was genius! It was error proof and it saved hours and hours of manual calculations, not to mention possible errors. I cannot mention this person’s name because she is very humble. But I can say she definitely deserves the Values in Action award she got!

What’s one fun fact others might not know about you?

I am studying for my pilot’s license. It has been a long journey but I can see the finish line, or should I say final approach! I expect to do my first solo flight in 3 weeks. I enjoy flying because when in the air I am totally focused on flying. No text, cell phone, or email!  Simply beautiful scenery.

The Oprah Magazine did a small write up on me in the April 2015 edition. The question of the month was “What’s the last big change you made in your life?” My response was “Taking flying lessons. It’s helped me overcome my fear and boosted my confidence. I also have a better understanding of weather!”

My instructor is amazing. He is passionate about flying and expects nothing less than perfection. I am working hard on relying more on ‘feel’ versus my instrument panel. One way my instructor has helped correct this is placing a cardboard cover that he made himself to cover the panel. My latest accomplishment was preparing for landing without assistance!