Donor Spotlight

Jennifer Hawkins

Jennifer Hawkins with her familyJennifer Hawkins serves as  application support analyst II with the ERP Productivity Tools Team. She has been with Dignity Health three and a half years.

What area do you support and why? 

I choose to give to the area of greatest need. I figure these folks know where my contributions would benefit the most, better than I.

What motivated you to start giving?

Giving back was something instilled in me at a young age and that I strive to keep at the top of my priorities. We were taught to always help those around you even if they don’t come and directly ask for it. My mother constantly reminds me that “It takes a village….” So when I heard about all the other good things “our village” is doing here at Dignity Health and how simple it was to sign up and contribute monetarily, it was an easy choice.

Why is it important to be engaged through philanthropy?

It’s always been a part of my core values, even as a child. It brings me genuine happiness and is something I hope to inspire in my daughter as well. Not only do you get the warm and fuzzy feeling knowing you’re contributing to something bigger, but it typically ends up giving you a satisfaction from coming together as a team and working towards the same goal, and in most cases having a little fun too. Win-win, right?

What’s your fondest memory of working at Dignity Health?

While traveling for a team summit, our team stopped to grab lunch prior to heading to the airport for our return flight home. While at lunch, we had the unfortunate experience of getting our rental vehicle broken into. Four of our seven laptop bags were stolen, and many irreplaceable personal effects were taken. While this was undoubtedly a tragic event, it was amazing to see the teamwork and comradery that came out of it. Each person took the initiative to help where possible, and added to a more positive experience, even if they had not been personally affected by the break in. It was anything and everything from assistance filing the police report, providing a needed hug, or driving just fast enough to get us to the airport in time in order to miss the storm of the year, but not our flights. 

I can’t say that I believe every company would have reacted in this manner given the circumstance. While it was unfortunate, this experience will always stand out in my mind simply due to the great people we are surrounded by at Dignity Health!

What’s one fun fact others might not know about you?

I organize an annual teddy bear donation around Christmas time for the kids at Phoenix Children’s Hospital – going on our 7th year! Also, my guilty pleasure is hoarding plants for my garden… I hear there is a PHA (plant hoarders anonymous) available somewhere out there ;-)