Donor Spotlight

Gerson Sorto

Gerson with his family at a Forty Niner gameGerson Sorto serves as an end user support tech III. He has been with Dignity Health for three years. Learn what inspires him to give to Philanthropy.

What area do you support and why? 

I support the Human Trafficking initiative, this is such a horrible topic but it is a reality that needs to be addressed worldwide and here at home. It’s horrible to think how people treat others and make a profit of them. When I learned that 55% of human trafficking victims are women and children, it made me feel sick. And to learn that they are subjected to this by kidnapping and/or manipulation. I am glad that my contribution is going to a worthy cause that can help human trafficking victims get out of that situation which most times they have no choice being in.

What motivated you to start giving?

What motivated me was seeing the stories of human trafficking and the atrocities that these traffickers are committing and the lives they ruin. I wanted to help in this effort as much as I can to prevent these innocent people from being exploited for a profit. Also to help any person that was forced into that life to get out and to get a head in life, because it is such a traumatic experience. Survivors will require lots of help and resources when they do finally get away from their captures and I’m happy I’m able to help them.

Why is it important to be engaged through philanthropy?

To be engaged in giving to Philanthropy is very important to me. I believe if I am in the position to help someone I would do it in a heartbeat. I get a great feeling and satisfaction when I give or help someone in need. I think Philanthropy is very important because it gets people to help others for a great cause that can better the future in many different ways. All the ideas and innovations that come from Philanthropy can better the future not just for us but for generations to come to. I feel privileged to be giving to a great cause that will help many in need.

What’s your fondest memory of working at Dignity Health?

The first offsite meeting that I worked was the Physician Symposium in October 2012. This was the first time I got to see and experience how offsite meetings were setup and operated. It was a great experience because I worked closely with other Dignity Health employees I never worked with before. I connected with the two IT techs that were helping us, we shared ideas and being in Vegas helped us network. Overall it was a great experience and the collaboration that everybody demonstrated made the Physician Symposium a success.

What’s one fun fact others might not know about you?

I love playing basketball and traveling.