Gail White

Gail White is vice president of Total Rewards in the human resources department and has 20 years of service with Dignity Health. She was hired as a senior compensation analyst and has worked in human resources for the entirety of her career with Dignity Health. 

What do you choose to support at Dignity Health through employee giving and why?

The postpartum depression initiative is the effort that I have most recently supported. I have a passion about mental health and mental wellness. It’s an area in our society that goes unnoticed, and not talked about. I want to support programs to make it OK for people to ask for help and to be provided fabulous help when they ask for it. It’s a need that goes woefully underserved. 

When did you start participating in employee giving at Dignity Health and what was it that motivated you to give then?

When I first started working at Dignity Health – and philanthropy was different then – I was an intermittent contributor. Then, about four or five years ago, a light went on for me. My mom was ill. I was spending a lot of time in hospitals and doctors’ offices. I could see first-hand when things went really well, and when they didn’t. And I realized I had an opportunity to influence that for the broader community. I understood that there is need and that I can do something to effect that through philanthropy. When I think about Dignity Health and why I choose to be here, it’s because of the mission. One of the ways I fulfill the mission is through the work I do day in and day out. But giving through philanthropy is a specific and tangible way to make sure we can serve in the way that we want to. 

What does gratitude mean to you? Does it play a role in why you give?

It’s an appreciation for what I have in my life. That “what” can be family, meaningful work, those big things. And it can be, “Oh I opened my front door to leave for work this morning and it was lovely outside.” To be aware and appreciate what those myriad things might be. It’s also an appreciation for what I can give. For me they are two sides to the equation of gratitude. Our family rule growing up really was the golden rule, as much through action as through words. When you have that from a young age it takes root. 

What’s your fondest memory of working at Dignity Health?

There are so many over the years! Too many to share. But there is a common theme of those memories. The opportunities and occasions for just gut-busting laughter with my coworkers. A work space where that is okay. In the midst of things that can be very busy and very stressful there is always someone who recognize it’s time for a laugh. 

What’s one fun fact others might not know about you?

I’m learning how to play ukulele. Right now I’m teaching myself. Who knew there’s quite a big ukulele community in the Bay Area? I really am kind of terrible, but I don’t care.