Elizabeth Shih

Elizabeht is hugging a gentleman

Elizabeth Shih is the executive vice president/chief administrative officer for Dignity Health. She joined the organization in 2001, when it was still called Catholic Healthcare West. In her current role, Ms. Shih supports the office of the CEO and president, the executive leadership team, and the Chair of the Dignity Health Board. She is often called the “chief interim officer” because of the many different roles she has played across the organization and her willingness to pitch in wherever needed.
From the beginning, Ms. Shih has said she felt a special connection to one of Dignity Health’s core values: Collaboration. According to her, collaboration represents “the ability to work with so many talented individuals in so many areas, and still know that there is accountability and that the decisions being made are result-driven.” In this spirit of collaboration, Ms. Shih has chosen to support the Community Health Partnership Fund because it successfully brings together resources and individuals across entire communities to help solve prevailing health challenges. The fund is managed by Michael Bilton, senior director community benefit.

In addition to feeling personally aligned with the core values of Dignity Health, supporting the Community Health Fund is just one more way Ms. Shih stays connected to the organization and family of individuals around her. With many great memories already created during her time here – and hopefully more to come! – Ms. Shih reflects on some of her best moments at Dignity Health; they are the times when she “has the chance to work with a group if diverse individuals in different jobs around the organization tackling on issue or solving a problem, and not only do we get to the right outcome, we all learn from the experience along the way.” We hope you’ve all learned something about Ms. Shih, and will consider joining her and many other colleagues through Dignity Health’s employee giving program.