Donor Stories

Our donors come from all walks of life and each one gives for a different reason and a different cause. Learn more about some of our donors and see how they feel connected and want to extent their hello humankindness through giving philanthropic dollars to Dignity Health.

Image of Lauren Davis

Giving Fuels the Soul

My name is Lauren Davis, when interviewing for my position a few years ago, I asked each person on my team to describe the culture at Dignity Health. In each of their responses, a common thread soon became clear – the organization and its employees are driven by an incredible mission. Read more

Image of Greg Demonteverde

Having a Grateful Heart

Greg Demonteverde is the App Systems Analyst IV for Dignity Health in the Pasadena office. He loves Dignity Health’s core mission to provide a healing ministry in communities they serve and for families in need within the organization. Read more

Image of Michael Seagraves

Serving a Bigger Purpose

Thirteen years ago Michael Seagraves came to work for Dignity Health largely by matter of chance. After relocating with his family from rural Iowa to his home state of California, Michael began working as a per diem Occupational Therapist at Dominican Rehabilitation Center in Santa Cruz. Read more

Image of Elizabeth Shih

Making a Difference

Elizabeth Shih is the executive vice president/chief administrative officer for Dignity Health. She joined the organization in 2001, when it was still called Catholic Healthcare West.  Read more

Image of Page West and family

Sense of Belonging

Page West is the senior vice president, chief nurse executive for Dignity Health and has been with the organization for over 28 years. Dignity Health’s values and mission resonate strongly with her own values as she is passionate about the people we serve. Read more