Human Trafficking Response Program

With your help, we are training more staff, establishing more community partnerships and reaching more victims of human trafficking.

Human trafficking victims suffer from serious medical and mental health issues ranging from physical and sexual abuse to malnutrition and post-traumatic stress disorder. Yet a 2014 study found that 88 percent of trafficking survivors had contact with the health care system but were not identified as victims. At Dignity Health, we aim to change that.

We are already working to empower victims  

This system-wide initiative was launched in 2014 and is led by Holly Austin Gibbs, a nationally recognized advocate and former trafficking victim, as our program director. We have invested over $1 million to train 4,000 staff to recognize victims and provide trauma-informed care, and educated 400+ professionals from other health care systems about how best to assist victims.

Let your gift inspire hope for a safer world

We are committed to training more staff, establishing more community partnerships and reaching more victims of human trafficking. Now we need your support so we can expand this vital work. Your unrestricted gift in any amount is welcome and will be applied where the need is greatest. We also invite you to make a donation to support one of our four funding opportunities.

Human Trafficking is a global problem where every day innocent people become victims. It is not something that only happens in other countries, it happens where you live, and can affect the people you know. Once they are part of the system, most will become a statistic. Sometimes, the only chance they have is that one person notices something is wrong and speaks up. The education that hospital staff receive through this fund can make the difference between these victims having a chance at living a normal life or a life of misery.

Heidi Holt

Make an impact!

Donations can be cash, credit, or through payroll deduction* if you are a Dignity Health employee.  For more information or questions, please email Christina Vanoverbeke or call 602.294.4183.

*Payroll deduction is for Dignity Health employees only.

Hear one survivor's story

Meet Josie and learn how she found hope through Dignity Health's Human Trafficking Response Program. For more stories like this, please visit our YouTube channel