Human Trafficking Response Program

Human trafficking is a global problem — and a home-grown one.  Estimates vary as to numbers of trafficking victims but every state in the nation is affected, including California, Arizona, and Nevada. Last year alone, there were 979 cases of human trafficking reported in California (National Human Trafficking Resource Center). In Arizona and Nevada combined, there were an additional 249 cases reported.

Dignity Health hospitals are deeply embedded in communities that have transient populations and high rates of poverty, unemployment, and family instability that can create conditions ripe for human trafficking. Dignity Health clinicians and staff know that they are seeing victims in our facilities, on the basis of anecdotal evidence.  A recent study published in the Annals of Health Law found that 88% of survivors reported having some kind of contact with a healthcare system. The study revealed that medical providers lack training to identify and effectively respond to victims.

Through Dignity Health Foundation’s Human Trafficking Response Program, we seek to change that  by:

  • educating health care providers, 
  • implementing protocols to identify victims, and
  • connecting victims with community resources.

Fund managed by: Dignity Health Foundation
Fund supervised by: Nancy Bussani , Vice President of Dignity Health Foundation

Human Trafficking is a global problem where every day innocent people become victims. It is not something that only happens in other countries, it happens where you live, and can affect the people you know. Once they are part of the system, most will become a statistic. Sometimes, the only chance they have is that one person notices something is wrong and speaks up. The education that hospital staff receive through this fund can make the difference between these victims having a chance at living a normal life or a life of misery.

Heidi Holt

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