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Healthy Babies

Dignity Heath Philanthropy is proactively improving the quality of deliveries in Dignity Health hospitals. Donations to the Healthy Babies Fund support a successful training program using PROMPT Birthing Simulators – a proven tool for training and preparing hospital staff to respond to pregnancy-related complexities. From learning internal maneuvers to proper fetal positioning and chord manipulation, trainees receive valuable hands-on experience and feedback before having to apply what they’ve learned during a real emergency. These simulators and training are helping to ensure safer deliveries and healthier babies across the Dignity Health system. 

The Healthy Babies Fund is also dedicated to supporting parents who experience the loss of a child during birth or shortly thereafter. Through its unique The Angel Gowns program, the Fund provides grieving parents with a handmade gown for the baby to wear as they lay them to rest. The program not only supplies the angel gowns but also offers funding for families in need of financial assistance to cover the cost of burial services. The Angel Gowns program was recently expanded to the entire Central Coast Service Area through the help of donors to the Healthy Babies Fund.

Fund managed by:
Dignity Health Foundation
Fund supervised by: Barbara Pelletreau, Senior Vice President for Patient Safety

Make an Impact!

Donations can be cash, credit, or through payroll deduction* if you are a Dignity Health employee.  For more information or questions, please email Paul Richardson or call,  415.438.5537.

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Payroll Deduction is for Dignity Health Employees only 
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