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Community Health International Program

The Community Health International Program’s (CHIP) new focus is to supply resources and support for organizations working in some of the highest-need communities across the globe – including Africa, Central and South America, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe. The program delivers grants to non-profits in areas where Dignity Health’s religious sponsors are also located. Funding helps to support projects including:

  1. Advancing the health and status of women and children.
  2. Address HIV/AIDS and infectious disease.
  3. Assisting rural communities to establish clean water systems and sustainable agricultural practices.
  4. Addressing environmental issues that affect quality of life and health.
  5. Improving access to education.
  6. Preventing human trafficking and providing support for victims.

The CHIP also works to support our religious sponsors abroad by providing medical supplies and equipment that’s shipped and refurbished from U.S.-based Dignity Health hospitals. In addition, CHIP is embarking on an internship program for students abroad – especially those located in low-income and underserved areas. The goal of the program is for participants to bring back what they learned through their internship with Dignity Health and share it with their local community.

Fund managed by: Dignity Health Foundation
Fund supervised by: Pablo Bravo, Vice President of Community Health

Make an impact!

Donations can be cash, credit, or through payroll deduction* if you are a Dignity Health employee.  For more information or questions, please email Christina Vanoverbeke or call 602.294.4183.

*Payroll deduction is for Dignity Health employees only.