Barrow Brainbook

Sports-related concussion is a growing and urgent issue among young athletes. Caused by a blow or trauma to the head, it can significantly change the way the brain works and develops. More than 300,000 of the nation’s 8 million high school athletes suffer concussions annually.

In 2011, the state of Arizona passed a law requiring all schools to provide concussion education and training for coaches, students and parents. Recognizing the significance of this initiative, Dignity Health Barrow Neurological Institute developed its Barrow Brainbook program, which has since become a leading model for concussion response and prevention. Barrow Brainbook is designed to look like a social networking site, featuring easy-to-navigate activities and quizzes for students, as well as educational video segments from local sports celebrities like the Arizona Cardinals. Students must score 70% or higher on each module before being cleared to play.

Given the success of our work in Arizona, and a recently-passed California law requiring every high school to remove athletes from play if a concussion is suspected, Dignity Health is looking to expand the Barrow Brainbook program to the San Francisco Bay Area.  With more than 800,000 student athletes in California at risk for sports-related brain injury, we are committed to contributing to student safety across the state.

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