What we support

To further our mission of delivering compassionate, patient-center health care, our foundations are also working to improve the communities around them by adapting funding and initiatives to meet local needs. To learn more about what each foundation is doing to help those in their area, visit the website of the foundation nearest you.

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Area of Greatest Need

This fund provides the maximum flexibility to our leadership in making an immediate impact when and where the need is greatest. This fund has been used to support a variety of projects from educational speakers, enhancing organizational aesthetics, and piloting new programs.

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Dignity Health Concussion Network

Dignity Health’s Concussion Network is the first and only program in the nation that takes an athlete-focused approach to concussion education and prevention. It provides the training and skills for coaches, parents, and student-athletes to recognize the signs of concussion and respond effectively. Learn more >

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Human Trafficking Response Program

We will train health care providers to identify and care for victims of human trafficking. These women, children, and men trafficked for sex or labor have been denied freedom through brutality and intimidation. They require urgent assistance to restore their health and rebuild their lives. Learn more >

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Postpartum Depression Initiative

Having a baby can be a joyous occasion; but for many women, it can be overwhelming. Postpartum Depression is a serious medical condition that affects the health and wellbeing of hundreds-of-thousands of women and their children every year. Learn more >

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Canine Kindness

Animals have the capacity to provide us with unconditional love. For patients facing difficult and long-term health challenges, this attention is invaluable. As part of our Canine Kindness program, Dignity Health currently supports more than 150 canine-handler teams at 28 locations across our hospital system. Learn more >

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Community Health and Prevention

Members of many vulnerable populations Dignity Health serves – including low-income, minority, youth, and senior communities – are disproportionately affected by chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, and asthma. We are bolstering our community-based health improvement initiatives for vulnerable and all communities by: 1) identifying new, evidence-based prevention programs; 2) delivering them for free or low cost in our communities; and 3) measuring their reach and effectiveness. Learn more >

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Community Health International Program

Across the globe, there are individuals and families who struggle to stay healthy, access to clean water, and even build a livelihood. While we work to improve quality and innovation in health care for our patients here at home, we know there are many more beyond our borders that deserve support and humankindness too. We created the Community Health International Program to provide needed resources in some of the poorest regions of the world. Learn more >

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Disaster Relief

In times of tremendous hardship — whether natural or caused by the tragic actions of humans — we want to respond quickly and help our communities and employees heal. That’s why Dignity Health has established a Disaster Relief Fund. Learn more >