Strengthening rural healthcare in Nevada County

Image of Sierra Memorial Foundation Hospital complex at sunset

Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation began year two of a diverse three-year grant totaling $839,129 from the Rural Health Network Development program made available through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HRSA).

In year one, this grant solidified the Nevada County Health Collaborative, an official health network led by Dignity Health Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital and the County of Nevada consisting of 10 health related organizations focused on improving the health system in the community. Year two provides funding of $294,524 for community benefit, telemedicine, and chronic disease management.

Community benefit directed dollars will sustain and expand the Care Transitions Intervention program that launched in year one. It also supports a continued collaboration with Community Recovering Resources (the local substance abuse agency) with a certified alcohol and drug abuse counselor in the hospital to navigate patients to resources. Telemedicine directed dollars will start telemedicine endocrinology at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, as well as expand tele-psychiatry in the primary care office setting. Finally, chronic disease directed dollars adds four more providers who will receive buprenorphine waiver training courses, screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment training, and chronic disease self-management facilitator training.

This support will also continue the work identifying the social determinants of health for patients that utilize the hospital resulting in year three with a social determinant of health assessment report.