Building toward new advances

Dr. Jeremy Shefner with a patientDr. Jeremy Shefner with a patient

The Kemper and Ethel Marley Foundation made a transformational pledge of $1 million in support of the Spetlzer Legacy Fund, as well as the Kemper and Ethel Marley Neurology Chair at Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center’s Barrow Neurological Institute.

The Spetzler Legacy Fund honors the work of former president and CEO of Barrow, Robert Spetzler, MD, and will culminate in the building of the new Barrow Neuroplex, a five-story building that will bring together Barrow clinicians and researchers under one roof with a shared mission of saving lives.

“This project is near and dear to my heart and carries with it the promise of future neurological progress,” says Dr. Spetzler.

Today, the building project continues Dr. Spetzler’s legacy and will allow current president and CEO, Michael Lawton, MD, to take Barrow to new heights. As a leading international destination for neurological care, this facility will be critical to helping Barrow enhance patient treatment, accelerate innovation and discovery, and revolutionize medicine.

The pledge also supports the Kemper and Ethel Marley Neurology Chair, which funds Jeremy Shefner’s, MD, research as the head of the neurology department. Dr. Shefner’s research focuses on solving several challenges within the field of neurology, specifically related to neuromuscular diseases and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). His studies include clinical trials for drugs that treat ALS, research to develop better ways to measure ALS disease progression, a biomarker study evaluating the effectiveness of electrical impedance myography in measuring ALS disease progression, and a study evaluating whether ALS patients can measure the progress of their disease at home without the assistance of a clinician.

The support of the Kemper and Ethel Marley Foundation will help Barrow clinicians and scientists conduct new basic, translational and clinical research, improve collaboration, and enhance patient care for those battling devastating neurological diseases.