Reflecting on gratitude during this season of giving

By Kevin Crowe
Director, Grateful Patient and Family Fundraising

“With intentionality, I thank them for letting me be involved in their lives at this important time.  I anticipate a rush of positive emotion, which gives me strength and compassion to carry on this important work!” 

November, a time of giving thanks and personal reflection, presents an excellent opportunity to share Dr. Leif Hass’ thoughts on gratitude. 

When we have the opportunity to express our own gratitude, in a truly authentic way it changes the way others experience our interactions and spreads, even a little of, the joy and happiness we are feeling with those around us. And the result for us as individuals, clinicians, and care givers, as Dr. Hass identified, “they gave me an immediate burst of energy and renewed passion for my work.”

I invite you to pause this holiday season and consider this article, presented with permission from the Greater Good Science Center, about how gratitude can bring resilience and meaning to our work as health professionals.