A message from our leadership

Image of Fred Najjar(November 2017) - The holiday season is always a busy time of year for nonprofits, with more than 30 percent of all giving occurring in the month of December alone.

I know that our philanthropy teams across the 31 foundations at Dignity Health will have their hands full as they solicit year-end giving, thank loyal benefactors, and celebrate the year’s successes.

I reflect on the tremendous year Dignity Health enjoyed thanks to the individuals and organizations who commit year after year to join us in unleashing the healing power of our humanity. A record was again set in fiscal year 2017 for the highest fundraising revenue in our history. Together, we raised $116.6 million! 

Looking through our annual report last month, I was reminded of the healing power that works through all of us as I read the story of Sue J. Sword, who made a historic gift to Marian Regional Medical Center Foundation stemming from 70 years of friendship with the community, and as I watched the work of Salpi Zakarian, RN, who forges deep connections with her patients and their families as she cares for stroke survivors in Glendale, California.

As I look back on 2017, I also pause to remember the terrible tragedies that took place this year in Northern California and Las Vegas – communities so many of our employees and friends call home – and I thank our supporters deeply for answering the call for help through their philanthropy and in so many other ways.

I hope in the midst of your holiday celebrations and year-end commitments that you will find time to express gratitude to our donors and supporters, families and colleagues who make the work of our mission possible.

As the last days to make a tax-deductible contribution tick by, I hope you will also consider making a donation yourself in support of our ministry. I also encourage you to stay abreast of the current conversation in Washington, D.C. around tax reform and what that could mean to charitable organizations. We will be looking to our industry experts at organizations like the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy and the Association of Fundraising Professionals as we navigate potential changes and will share information that is relevant to our work.


Fred Najjar
Senior Vice President, Philanthropy
Dignity Health