A Message from our Senior Vice President

Image of Fred Najjar(May 2017) - Welcome to our newly revised quarterly newsletter titled, Gratitude. We’re shifting the focus of the stories we include here to highlight those that inspire gratitude across our system.

We’ll still be bringing you stories of the major gifts that help transform our facilities and communities across Dignity Health – gifts for which we are deeply grateful. But we want to bring you a little something more.

We want to make this a place to remember acts of kindness, to highlight that sometimes gifts can make a world of a difference without carrying the biggest price tag. We want to celebrate giving back to the organization, not just the taking in of funds, and honor the lives that are changed through the revenue we are able to bring in.

We will lead by example, practicing gratitude in the way we thank our boards, employees, volunteers, and ambassadors and showcasing the many and diverse ways that all of us put humankindness into action.

We look forward to bringing you more of these stories and amplifying your incredible work to our philanthropy teams and system leaders.

Thank you!

Fred Najjar
Senior Vice President, Philanthropy
Dignity Health