Healing Courtyards campaign gets a boost in honor of a husband

Gift to Dominican Hospital honors a husband.Ever since she was recruited by one of the Sisters of Dominican Hospital decades ago, Pam Santacroce has been an integral part of the hospital’s evolution—first as a nurse, then as an administrator, and later serving as a member of the Dominican Hospital Board and now the foundation board. What has drawn her to the hospital—both then and now—is its focus on what is most important.

“Their roots are in charity and goodness, and their focus is on caring for the patients. But they’re also always willing to move forward to make the latest technology available,” says Pam.

Pam’s late husband, Nello Santacroce, was there to support her through all the roles she served at the hospital and in their property management business. Like Dominican Hospital, Nello was never afraid to take the next step forward, to not only stay current with the times, but to venture out on the cutting edge.

“It has been an adventure to have lived with Nello, and to have leapt forward with Dominican Hospital,” says Pam. “They have both been an inspiration to me.”

To honor Nello and give back to the hospital, which they both loved, Pam made a substantial donation to Dominican’s Healing Courtyards Initiative. Because they lived by the ocean for many years and enjoyed the soothing, peaceful environment, Pam thought it fitting to have the meditation garden named in honor of her husband, Nello. Her significant gift for the meditation garden will provide the hospital’s patients and staff with a sense of peace, and serve as a symbol of the hospital’s focus on what matters most.

“All hospitals are shining stars,” says Pam, “But Dominican Hospital truly has a heart.”