A message from our leadership

A portrait of Fred NajjarFred Najjar, Senior Vice President, Dignity Health, System Chief Philanthropy Officer

Dear Colleagues,

It is with tremendous joy and great pride that I announce that collectively you raised $150.1 million this year to support our ministry. These results are record-breaking and far surpass last year’s fundraising efforts by $33.5 million. Our system-wide cost per dollar raised was $0.28—this is extremely efficient in the health care fundraising field and means that for every dollar spent, approximately $3.50 was returned. 

You all are putting in the work to be thoughtful stewards of funds raised. One key metric to note was that net fundraising dollars increased to $108.1 million, compared to fiscal year 2017’s $72.1 million, and was $29.4 million more than budgeted.

This year we saw also St. Bernardine Medical Center Foundation and Community Hospital of San Bernardino Foundation merge to create Dignity Health Foundation - Inland Empire, resulting in $500,000 of savings in the first year. 

Our 2018 achievements would not be possible without the efforts of each and every one of our philanthropy team staff members. It also would not be possible without the support of our boards and the dedication of our medical staff. I encourage you all to pause, reflect, and truly celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of this last year. 

As we know, in philanthropy we are always looking ahead to our next goal. We’ve budgeted $136.9 million in fundraising revenue for fiscal year 2019. This is $12 million – or 9.6 percent – more than was budgeted last year. Our goal was to budget 7 percent more, meaning that all of you stepped up and are pushing our teams to high standards! 

I know you are already focused on success. Twenty three of our 29 foundations are currently in some stage of a fundraising campaign totaling over $216 million in philanthropic funds. Twelve of our foundations are now actively engaged in the grateful patient program and building strong relationships with physicians and donors. Seven sites are participating in some aspect of philanthropy’s shared services to maximize resources around important work like gift processing, mail segmenting, and reporting and analysis. 

This strategic work is building a bright future for Dignity Health. I am deeply grateful for your commitment to our mission and for your service.


Fred Najjar
Senior Vice President
System Chief Philanthropy Officer