A message from our leadership

Image of Fred Najjar

(March 2018) – A few weeks ago we brought our foundations together in Newport Beach, Calif. for the annual Dignity Health Philanthropy Education Summit.

During the summit we celebrated the fifth annual Phillies Awards, including naming St. Mary Medical Center Foundation as the Foundation of the Year, and we learned from and engaged with our colleagues.

Career development sessions were offered on a wide range of topics — employee giving, grateful patient fundraising, business plan development, nurturing employees and becoming better leaders, to name a few. There was tremendous engagement around technology in philanthropy, including getting more out of our CRM and peer-to-peer technology.

Thank you to our colleagues who take the time each year to plan presentations and share their wisdom for the betterment of all of our foundations. I would also like to personally thank and praise the volunteer committee for all of their hard work surrounding the summit.

We carried back to our local foundations a message from Lloyd Dean, president and CEO of Dignity Health, who delivered an organizational update and spoke of the importance and impact of philanthropy during a keynote address.

We also heard from Victor Valenzuela and Ramsey Jay, Jr. Mr. Valenzuela, vice president of Dignity Health Ministry Formation, addressed furthering our mission, values, and healing ministry with fidelity to our heritage, enriching our work culture through collaboration and partnership, and inspiring individual and organizational renewal, growth, and a deep connection to the sacred. Mr. Ramsey left us with the challenge of empowering our personal and professional dreams to create the future we’ve envisioned for ourselves and for our organization.

Now that we are back in our home offices, I know we are all deep into the fiscal year 2019 budgeting process, a very time-intensive effort for our foundations. This hard work results in thoughtful and strategic budgets that move our foundations ever forward in raising even more philanthropic dollars year after year. Horizon 2020 efforts focus Philanthropy’s work on reducing system-wide cost per dollar raised. Every foundation plays a role in this. By focusing this way, we ensure more net dollars are available to transfer--our hospitals and communities rely upon the significant operating and capital support provided by our foundations.

In this edition, you’ll read about some of the generous gifts that help Dignity Health continue to grow and build a culture of gratitude across our system. Please consider sharing these stories with your colleagues, donors, and board members to help spread the word of your tremendous work.


Fred Najjar
Senior Vice President, Philanthropy
Dignity Health