A Grateful Gift of Love Over a Lifetime

Friends of Mercy Foundation

image of Stephanie and Vivian
Stephanie Weber and Vivian at the
100-year gala celebration.

Vivian and her sister were both born at Mercy. It was only when Vivian died recently, that Stephanie Weber, VP of Philanthropy and Executive Director of the Friends of Mercy Foundation, realized how important Mercy Hospital was to Vivian and her family.

As Stephanie tells it: “Vivian first became a donor when she received a direct mail appeal we mailed to former patients. She started out giving us $15 every once in a while and then one day a $75 check appeared. I called her to say thank you and she told me that this was how she wanted to celebrate her 75th birthday!

As I became friends with Vivian and spoke to her several times a year, she steadily increased her donations. With each phone call I learned even more clearly, how much she loved Mercy. She and I had a wonderful relationship. She was always hesitant to meet in person but I was fortunate enough to meet her at our 100 year gala celebration and then again when she was a patient here at Mercy. I was able to spend valuable time with her.

During our calls and visits she always mentioned that she had left her savings account to the Friends of Mercy Foundation. Although a dear friend, she was admittedly a bit eccentric so I never knew if it would come to be or not. Vivian passed on a few months ago and yes, she left us a very generous gift through her estate plan. She is caring for the future, sharing her love for our community.”

Vivian is one of many dear friends who have made a commitment to Mercy’s future. Over the years, the Friends of Mercy Foundation has received many estate gifts, both large and small. You can continue this great tradition of giving by remembering Mercy in your own estate plans. There are many ways to make a gift like Vivian did; she specified that a savings account was to go directly to the Foundation.

You can specify a percentage of your estate to go to Mercy, or name a specific dollar amount. There are ways that you can minimize your final income tax expense by assigning a portion of your IRA or commercial annuity to Mercy as well.

If you’d like more information about how you can make a gift like Vivian, or want to learn more about making gifts now that can pay you a lifetime income, please contact Stephanie Weber at (661) 663-6700.

You too, can share the future…