Senior Vice President's Message

Image of Fred Najjar

Welcome to the spring edition of Philanthropy Impact. In this edition, we’ll focus on gifts of $250,000 or more to our fundraising foundations during the third quarter of FY16. Philanthropy once again is stretching toward a new record for fundraising with a $110.7 million budgeted for FY16. So far through March 31, 2016, our foundations have raised over $76 million, which represents a $5.8 million positive variance.

The gift stories represented below are one way we can share the ultimate act of humankindness by more than 40,000 annual local donors. We hope you will take a few minutes and read through some of these wonderful transformational gift stories and stay tuned for their impact in future editions. We also encourage you to share these stories with your colleagues and via social media.


Fred Najjar
Senior Vice President, Philanthropy