Rancho Guadalupe Gives $500,000 to Marian Regional Medical Center Foundation for Emergency Services Expansion

 Every donation has a story. For Rancho Guadalupe, their story of legendary support for Marian Regional Medical Center is one that spans three generations. Rancho Guadalupe’s unprecedented leadership gift commitment of $500,000 in support of Marian’s Emergency Services Expansion Project is the continuance of the Donati family’s legacy of generosity that began more than 75 years ago. It was 1939 when Louis (L.C.) Donati and other community leaders from throughout the Santa Maria Valley, united together to raise $50,000 for the building of Santa Maria’s very first hospital: Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Marian’s predecessor.

Louis Donati was one of 100 community leaders who spearheaded the capital campaign to secure crucial funding for Our Lady of Perpetual Help Hospital. At the time, raising $50,000 for the funding of a $130,000 hospital was a huge undertaking for a community the size of only 8,000, but Louis and the entire Santa Maria community had the visionary foresight to understand that the entire region desperately needed a local hospital. This tradition of enduring community support would continue with Louis’ son, Clifford Donati, and would later be passed on to Clifford’s sons—one being Richard (Dick) Donati, founder and co-owner of Rancho Guadalupe, LLC.

“My dad [Clifford] had a strong presence in the Santa Maria community, and it is his leadership and our family tradition of community philanthropy that inspired Rancho Guadalupe’s recent support of Marian’s Emergency Services Expansion Project,” explains Dick. “Rancho Guadalupe’s mission is to foster a dynamic and thriving community through excellence in growing vegetables, and as such, we are honored to support this significant project.”

Rancho Guadalupe grows a wide range of commodities on more than 2,700 acres. Along with co-owner James Wesner and the leadership of General Manager AJ Cisney, Rancho Guadalupe is making a profoundly positive difference in both the local agricultural industry and the community at-large, as the company’s leadership level gift demonstrates their commitment to both the medical center and the entire region.

In celebration of Rancho Guadalupe’s extraordinary commitment to the community, the expansion’s Pediatric Emergency Department Center will bear the company’s name. Rancho Guadalupe’s specific support of the Emergency Department’s pediatric track is particularly special as company leaders are passionate about advancing local pediatric care and this specialized pediatric track will help to further Marian’s development of a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

“I cannot imagine a better way to support our community as Marian is the lifeline of the Santa Maria Valley,” states James Wesner, Rancho Guadalupe co-owner. “I was born and raised in Santa Maria and since I was a boy it has grown from a population of 40,000 to well over 100,000; with so many more people in our community, it is of crucial importance for our family members, friends, and neighbors to have access to a well-equipped facility to provide for our current and future health care needs.”

It is undeniable that Rancho Guadalupe’s strong support of Marian’s Emergency Services Expansion Project makes the company a true example of a community catalyst, as Rancho Guadalupe’s support will further the lifesaving care provided to the thousands of men, women, and children seeking emergency care at Marian annually, and will even impact the company’s staff at all levels.

Dick adds, “For us, this decision was simple. All Rancho Guadalupe employees — from management to farm workers — use the hospital; even their families rely upon Marian. It’s our sincere hope that others, both individuals and companies, are inspired to follow in Rancho Guadalupe’s footsteps by supporting this initiative. It’s all about giving back to our community and taking the right steps today to leave a meaningful mark on our community’s future.”