City of Camarillo $500,000 Grant to St. John’s Healthcare Foundation for Catheterization Lab

The City of Camarillo is generously supporting the new patient addition at St. John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital through a grant of $500,000 to equip the Catheterization Lab.

A Catheterization Lab consists of diagnostic equipment that is used to visualize the arteries and chambers of the heart to treat heart disease. Common procedures that are performed in a Cath Lab are angiography, balloon catheters, stents, permanent or temporary pacemakers’ implantations and rotablation of calcified vessels. In the past, conventional surgery was the only option. This was invasive and required an extensive recovery time. The new procedure enables physicians to obtain 3-D images without the distortion of conventional x-ray techniques. Other benefits include minimizing the radiation dose and quicker procedure time. This translates to less stress for the patient and more throughput for the hospital. It also makes it possible to combine diagnosis and treatment in a single procedure. All of this is important as the need of these types of procedures are increasing.

The groundbreaking crew

Heart disease comes in many forms and is one of the leading causes of death among men and women. Introducing this technology to St. Johns Pleasant Valley Hospital will provide patients with one of the most technologically advanced treatments for cardiovascular disease. Precise imaging is essential as the Cath lab evolves from the old-school model based on cardiac surgery to a new model utilizing imaging technology that allows physicians to handle more complex cases with confidence. This state of the art approach will set Pleasant Valley above other health systems and give the level of care that humankindness is based on.