Expanding Patient Navigation Services

French Hospital Medical Center Foundation

The French Hospital Medical Center (FHMC) Foundation is proud to share it recently received a $250,000 grant from The Hearst Foundation to expand cancer patient navigation services at the Hearst Cancer Resource Center (HCRC) at FHMC. Initial funding from The Hearst Foundation established the HCRC Endowment Fund. In total, the FHMC Foundation has received three grants from The Hearst Foundation totaling more than $2 million to support the HCRC.

Thanks to this recent grant funding, the HCRC will be able to offer additional vital patient services, free of charge, to local cancer patients through a new Patient Navigation Program. This funding will expand the existing HCRC Nurse Navigator service, which guides cancer patients through the continuum of care, to accommodate growing demand and add new complimentary services for patients. The Patient Navigation Program will include the existing HCRC Nurse Navigator, an expanded role for a new bilingual Patient Navigator and a new transportation assistance program for cancer patients. Grant funding will also support the purchase of new patient navigation software and will support additional community outreach to increase awareness of the free services offered to cancer patients and their families at the HCRC. 

Through this new program, FHMC hopes to extend these vital support services to cancer patients who weren’t receiving them previously. Navigation services have been shown to positively impact patients as they make their way through their cancer journey, providing them knowledge of their disease and treatments, guidance through a complex health care system, and vital emotional support.

As part of FHMC, a not-for-profit hospital, the HCRC offers all programs and services to patients free of charge. With more than 20 programs and services, the HCRC provides supportive and educational services necessary for cancer patients to understand their disease, tolerate treatment, and maintain dignity and quality of life throughout all aspects of their cancer experience. Accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer as a Community Cancer Center, FHMC also provides a full range of diagnostic, treatment, and support services.