Leadership Team

The Philanthropy Leadership Team is a planning and decision-making team charged with leading the efforts of the Philanthropy Council.

Fred Najjar

Senior Vice President
San Francisco, CA

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Brian Hammel


Philanthropy Leadership Team
Northridge Hospital Foundation
Northridge, CA

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Nancy Bussani

Nancy Bussani

Vice President

San Francisco, CA

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Kevin Duggan

President & CEO

Mercy Foundation
Vice President

Philanthropy for the Greater Sacramento Service Area

Rancho Cordova, CA

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Drew Gagner

St. Mary Medical Center Foundation

Long Beach, CA

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Stephanie Grogan

Central Coast Service Area Lead
Marian Regional Medical Center Foundation

Santa Maria, CA

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Charlie Guida

St. Rose Dominican Health Foundation, and Vice President, Philanthropy for the NV Service Area

Henderson, NV

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Terri Hoffman, president, St. Joseph's Foundation

Terri Hoffman

St. Joseph's Foundation

Phoenix, AZ

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Maggie Redmon

Mercy Foundation North, and Vice President, Philanthropy for the North State Service Area

Redding, CA

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Nancy Bussani

Tamra von Schroeck

Senior Director

Operations and Finance

Phoenix, AZ

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Stephanie Weber

Vice President
Friends of Mercy Foundation

Bakersfield, CA

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