Alison Huebner

Communication Specialist

Portrait of Alison HuebnerAlison Huebner is a communications specialist as Dignity Health’s national office. Alison has experience in managing and developing content for magazines, videos, websites, and social media channels, proposals and grants, solicitation and stewardship toolkits, and other important fundraising communications. Since joining the national office in 2017, Alison has provided branded solicitation and stewardship communication toolkits to Dignity Health’s 28 foundations. She strives to positively affect and support all of Dignity Health’s foundations and the community. Alison received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in English, Public Relations, News Editorial Writing, and Technical Writing from Northern Arizona University. Outside of work she spends her time with her growing family, both human and animal. Since adopting her two dogs she has become increasingly involved at the local animal shelter as a volunteer and member of the young professionals board.