Philanthropy System Staff

Fred Najjar

Senior Vice President

San Francisco, CA

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Portrait of William Curtis

William Curtis

Director, Philanthropy Technology and Innovation
Charleston, SC

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Portrait of Alison Huebner

Alison Huebner

Communication Specialist
Phoenix, AZ

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Image of Jeyda Lettieri

Jeyda Lettieri

Executive Coordinator
San Francisco, CA

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Portrait of Linda Messit

Linda Messitt

Data Analyst

San Francisco, CA

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Portrait of Nolan Regenwether

Nolan Regenwether

Analyst, Philanthropic Business Intelligence
Phoenix, AZ

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Portrait of Daniel Scott

Daniel Scott

Analyst, System Support
Phoenix, AZ

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Portrait of Christina Vanoverbeke

Christina Vanoverbeke
Director, Philanthropy Communications and Engagement
Phoenix, AZ
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Kevin Crowe

Director, Grateful Patient and Family Fundraising Programs
San Francisco, CA

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Portrait of Dawn Dougherty

Dawn Dougherty

Director, Dignity Health Foundation Operations
San Francisco, CA

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Portrait of Kathy Krebs

Kathy Krebs-Dean

Grant Writer
San Francisco, CA

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Ellie Levine

Director, Philanthropy
San Francisco, CA

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Portrait of Emily Murrer

Emily Murrer

Project Coordinator, Dignity Health Concussion Network

San Francisco, CA

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Portrait of Daniel Robles

Daniel Robles

Analyst, System Support
Long Beach, CA

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Portrait of J R Styrons

J.R. Styons

Senior Analyst, Philanthropy Business Intelligence
Charleston, SC

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Portrait of Tamra Von Shroek

Tamra von Schroeck

Senior Director, Operations and Finance
Phoenix, AZ

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