Senior Vice President's Message

Image of Fred Najjar

Welcome to the latest edition of Philanthropy Impact, I am thrilled to share that for the first time in Dignity Health’s history, Philanthropy raised more than $100 million in consecutive years. In FY15, Dignity Health exceeded budget and raised more than $108.5 million in support of our healing ministry.

The $108.5 million raised only tells part of the story. To give a bit more detail, let me share the top areas receiving support from our wonderful donors in FY15:

1.  Community Outreach    $23 million 
2.  General Capital    $16 million
3.  Neuromuscular Disorders    $  8 million
4.   Education    $  5 million
5.  Heart and Lung    $  4 million
6.  Cancer and Oncology    $  3 million
7.   Emergency Services    $  2 million
8.  General Research    $  2 million
9.  Mission Services    $  2 million
10.  Other Priorities    $43 million

In this edition, we highlight several featured gifts to our 31 affiliated fundraising foundations from the final quarter of FY15. We hope a few of the stories will educate, inspire, or move you in some way. We also hope you will take the opportunity to share those stories of interest through social media and via email.

Stay tuned for the release of our interactive annual report launching in late September! Thanks again for helping us make FY15 so wonderful.


Fred Najjar
Senior Vice President, Philanthropy